Insta Headings

This page will be for Instagram headings that I want to keep.
For anyone who wants to see my Instagram page my pass name is 'quirkyhumanart'.
March 5th 2018.
5th in series 'Boats and Harbours'.
Beached at Lossiemouth, Moray. Don't you just love boats? This baby fishing boat, looking lost and forlorn, stole my heart. I'd like to adopt it.

March 6th
6th in series 'Boats and Harbours'.
This was commissioned by a delightful old lady as a surprise for her daughter who lives in London. The delightful old lady was very pleased with it. So pleased, in fact, that it's still on her wall. I'm not sure her daughter even knows about it.

March 17th.
17th in series 'Boats and harbours.
Scarborough Harbour.
This beautiful town and harbour is on the North Yorkshire coast. On the hill you can see the remains of Scarborough Castle. There has been a fortress on this site for an incredible 3000 years. Henry 2nd. started to modernise it (phew!) in 1159.
Coming up to date, when I showed my painting to a friend he told me he used to drink in the pub to the right of the bus (centre). I take that as proof that I got the picture right!